Bring predictability and reliability to your hiring process

Gut feel is not a good enough reason to hire someone. Neither is relying solely on past performance indicators like GPA, references, or a pedigreed resume. Instead, turn to hiring tools that incorporate behavioral and cognitive insights. This is the best way to predict how a candidate will think and work.

Schedule a demo and set a job target for your organization

IN2GREAT will lead you through the following steps:

*Clarifying the expectations of the job

*Setting a data-centric job target and learn about matching candidates

*Enhancing the interview process

You will experience the simplicity and power of the software firsthand. 


Clarify the job expectations & use candidate match scores 

A recent gallup study on "the myths of employee burnout" stated that employees who do not get to use their strengths burn out after just 20 hours in the work week. Aligning employees and work is an important part of engagement.

Know who you’re looking for before they step into your office for an interview. This starts by defining the job requirements. The PI software will then guide you through setting both behavioral and cognitive targets for the job.

Once candidates complete their PI Behavioral Assessment and/or PI Cognitive Assessment, they are then assigned a Match Score from 1-10. The best fits for the role float to the top of the list. Mark your favorites to speed up the hiring process.

Interview with confidence

To bring structure to your interviews, the Interview Guide shows you how a candidate’s behavioral drives and needs align to the target you have set. Use the recommended questions to probe for gaps and to confirm fit.

Enhance your on-boarding process

Research indicates that most employees will decide within the first 10 days on the job whether they'll stay with their new employer. Statistics show that 33% of new employees quit within their first six months. This is often a result of poor communication or a failure to clarify expectations. Coaching, management and relationship guides clarify expectations and breakdown communication barriers.

Download a free interview guide

The interview guide will give you both behavioral and cognitive interview questions, to help enhance your existing interview process.