So let’s ask a telling question – WHY are you in business?

Tenacity is all about sticking at it long term, intentionally, to get a great result. It always amazes me how quickly people give up in the face of opposition or business / personal challenges.

Serious business people know the secret to tenacity is to understand WHY they are doing what they are doing.

Your why can as varied as there are people. The most common reasons for why, I hear are:

Provide security in my retirement

Build a legacy for my kids

Be able to do something bigger

Change the way a market thinks

Fund another business

To make other people successful … etc

Why WHY?

This is why each of us needs a convincing WHY, we need to have a vision of the future so compelling that we can see it even more clearly than the DISTRACTIONS in front of us.

Your why helps you stay in touch with what is motivating your direction. Its so much more than a mission statement. External motivation only goes so far. Human beings need to be able to take things internally for a journey to last, your why internalises external vision.

The reality is as humans we exist for something so much bigger, of our six core needs the highest is contribution – your higher purpose. Your WHY will frame your vision and without a clear vision you, and the people around you, will lose their way.

Discovering Your WHY

Your why must be clear. Just like a succinct selling statement – it needs to make sense to you, drive you and if you have a team around you, drive them as well. Why doesn’t necessarily differentiate – but creates truth for you.

Here’s some great questions to help you discover your why:

  1. What do you love doing? Note the activities that make you happy.
  2. Answer the open cheque question – with limitless resources, what would you do?
  3. What parts of your life do you love now? When do you feel best about yourself?
  4. Who do you admire? What about them do you admire?
  5. What do you think about all the time? What do you talk about all the time?

Taking Action On Your Why!

  1. Take Time – spend a decent chunk of time as a kick off exercise.
  2. Journal – write down your thoughts, feelings, answers to questions
  3. Manage Fear – we all feel fear don’t let this stop you thinking big
  4. Be thankful for who you are and what you love
  5. Start taking action on your why – write it down, share it out for accountability
  6. Take regular time out to keep connecting with your why (15mins per day)