When leaders are aligned organizations can achieve anything


When it comes to leadership, the entire business is on the line. ┬áDeveloping an aligned leadership is at the core of In2Great’s Leadership Academies.

Create a Culture of Leadership

Leadership Academies are facilitated inside your business and can fill the role of your entire leadership program. We work with your leadership and people development teams to deliver a world class leadership program tailored to your business.

In2Great Leadership Academies are for organizations serious about developing their current and future leaders.


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“If your actions inspire others to dream more… and become more – you are a leader”

When a company’s leaders and managers are not truly aligned in purpose and capabilities, performance is the ultimate casualty. Retention, motivation and morale will also suffer.

Leadership development is at the core of what we do at In2Great. Our expertise in people development, behavioral analytics and leadership design allow us to guide academy participants through a growth process that equips them to understand their unique role as a leader, and to deploy tools that have immediate impact on personal and organizational performance.

How We Equip Participants:

  • Develop a keen understanding of the role of a leader
  • Revive their leadership approach
  • Specific insight into their qualities and characteristics as a leader
  • Helping leaders equip others to perform
  • Build a bench strength to free leaders up to be more effective
  • Skills to create team cohesion and accountability

How Leadership Academies Work:

  • A spaced learning model (normally monthly)
  • Ideal academy size is 12-15 leaders
  • Content combining participant needs and facilitator expertise
  • Peer accountability – peer coaching
  • Best in class assessment tools including behavior, emotional intelligence and communication
  • KPI driven to demonstrate growth and change
  • Reinforced learning between sessions to fight “the forgetting curve”

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