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Get the answers you need from people like you – Leadership Circles by In2Great

Does this sound like you?

You’re a hard-working person shouldering the enormous weight of leading others, handling huge and various responsibilities, dealing with constant change, and trying to balance your personal life!

Where do you turn to get support, increase your personal bandwidth and adaptability, grow in your ability to lead others, and get the personal clarity that you need to thrive (instead of just survive) in all these areas of your life?

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The Answer: Leadership Circles by In2Great

Leadership Circles by In2Great is a place where business owners and leaders can grow in a relational environment of peer support and professional input. Circles are all about discovering the best way for you and your business in a results focused environment.

Leadership Circles by In2Great are monthly events of 10-15 people of like minded roles and responsibilities, who come together for three hours to work on their own growth and development, as well as to support each other to this end.

Run A Circle In Your Business

If you want to run a Leadership Circle inside your business head on over to the Leadership Academies page.

What You Get

  • Actionable Learning – transformation beyond information
  • Collaborative Feedback – peer-to-peer input and accountability
  • Confidential Environment – a safe place to take on challenges
  • Synergistic Participation – membership has its rewards
  • MasterMind Thinking – experienced leaders of leaders to facilitate actionable outcomes
  • All monthly groups are facilitated by a professional personally vetted by In2Great.

What You Can Expect

  • Dynamic half day sessions each month to address your greatest challenges
  • A safe and confidential environment
  • Content blending participant needs guided by facilitator expertise
  • Access to best-in-class tools to understand your leadership style
  • Actionable learning – applied right there in the group
  • Peer mentoring / accountability to challenge and encourage